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WC with disposal system

Mod. W.02

W. C. With a system for the treatment of radioactive waste produced in Nuclear Medicine from the use of radioactive isotopes for diagnostic purposes.
The system is completely automatic, leaving the Operators solely the collection of liquid for the control of the radioactivity content and the discharge of the decayed liquid into the sewer.

Is composed by:

  • Cup W.C. In porcelain, complete with clean water drainage system and drainage;
  • Crusher;
  • Electric pump for the discharge of the slurry in the first storage container (top);
  • N. 2 containers for the storage of the slurry until they are decayed, each with a capacity of 300 liters.
    Minimum, ¾ and maximum probes on the first container (top);
  • N. 1 motorized valve for the transfer of the slurries from the first to the second container;
  • Manual pump (on the second container) for the withdrawal of liquid for the control of the radioactivity content;
  • Motorized valve (on the second container), for discharging the discharged liquid into the sewerage system;
  • Electric panel, fitted with key drain switch and light bulbs indicating the level of filling of the containers;
  • Storage cabinet for AISI 304 stainless steel, satined finish, fully shielded with Pb thickness mm 3.

Working logic

I was flooded by W.C. through the electric pumps pass through the shredder and are loaded into the first storage container (top).
When fully loaded, the transfer is commanded in the second (bottom).

When the second container is full and the first is ¾ (visible on the electrical panel), it is necessary to check the radioactivity content (taking the liquid from the second container through the manual pump) and if it falls within the limits of Law, drain in sewer.
When the second container is empty, it automatically fills the first and restarts the cycle.