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Bench protections

Mod. P.44

For handling Beta emission isotopes.

Manufactured in transparent Plexiglas of 10 mm thick.

Each protection is equipped with a stainless steel bowl with glaze finish. Dimensions 300 x 400 mm x 370 h. approx.

Mod. P.45

For handling Gamma emission isotopes in Nuclear Medicine Laboratories.
Manufactured in epoxy painted steel sheets lined with first merger lead with 99.9% purity title, lead thickness of 30 mm.

It is equipped with No. 3 plastic wheels and shielded screen of 180 x 120 mm h.

Dimensions 350 x 350 mm x 530 h. approx.

It is suitable for sliding on raised edge of work benches model B.16, B.18, B.22 and B.20.

Mod. P.46

Similar to the Mod. P.45, but it is shielded with lead of 10 mm thick.