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Dentistry aprons

Mod. G.42

For patients exposed at X-rays for examinations with the panoramic radiography.

Manufactured with multilayer polyvinyl lead rubber, shaped for arms.
Blue color blue lining nylon and tear proof edge.

Velcro adjustable back closure.

Lead equivalence 0.5 mm.

Available models:

  • SMALL: Width 510 mm, length 760 mm, Weight 2.1 Kg;
  • MEDIA: Width 600 mm, length 1000 mm, Weight 3.2 Kg.

Mod. G.34

For patients undergoing panoramic examination, tunic, multi-layered polyvinyl plating, with front, back, shoulder and spine protection.

Nylon coating color bleu and anti-tear trim.

Adjustable Velcro back closure, adaptable to any body.

Lead equivalent available in mm 0.25 – 0.5 mm.

Available models:

  • For adults, size about 500 x 800;
  • For children, dimensions about 400 x 600 mm.