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Protective barriers

It ‘s the word used in Italian law to indicate the shield, namely, the thickness of a material that located around an X-ray source, reduces the level of dose within the limits imposed by DL 230/95, 241/00 and 257/01.
ARPA S.r.l.produces and install any kind of barrier, ensuring the functionality and recoverability.

These barriers can be divided in the groups here below quoted.

Shielded panels

Used for the protection of walls, floors and ceilings.
They are composed of two layers of non-toxic wood chips, with a third lead plate with the title of first melting 99.9% purity to the desired thickness.
Wall and ceiling panels have the visible surface in plastic laminate (color at customer choice), floor panels have visible surface in linoleum.
The finishes are made of mahogany, or anodized aluminum for wall panels and ceiling, in stainless steel for floor panels.
In case of decontamination or sterilization needs, can be installed raw surface panels, to be coated with vinyl heat-sealed (normally not supplied).
If required the panels can be manufactured with Class 1 materials.
Panels are fit by screws directly in the wall or on proper wooden beams.

Visual screens

They can be hinged or sliding.

They are like the shielded panels, but the supporting elements is made with a beehive placed between two plywood layers.
The hinged doors are equipped with mahogany box, hinges, handle and lock.
Fixing is effected through screws, on wooden frame (not supplied).
The sliding doors are equipped with sliding device, handle and, on request, mahogany box and lock.

Self-supporting shielded bulkheads

For the construction of boxes, dividers and control rooms.
Construction similar to the panels above, but with load-bearing element made up of layers of wood.
They can be equipped with shielded screens, sliding or swing doors.
The exposed facades are as for the panels, in plastic laminate (bundle color).
The finishes are in mahogany wood, or in anodized aluminum.
If decontamination or sterilization is required, raw bulkheads can be prepared, to be coated with heat-sealed vinyl (normally excluded from the supply).
Anchoring takes place on the floor and if possible on the wall using metal brackets (not visible).

Shielded doors

They can be swing or sliding.
Construction similar to the panels above, but with load-bearing element consisting of a beehive enclosed between two layers of non-toxic wood.
The hinged doors are equipped with a mahogany box and exhibits, hinges, handle and lock.
The anchoring is done by screws on a wooden subframe (normally not supplied).
The sliding doors are equipped with a sliding device, handles and, on request, a box and lock.
Upon request, the door and the box can be covered in anodized aluminum, or in satin finish stainless steel.
The doors (both swing and sliding doors) can also be equipped with a lead crystal display.