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Laboratory sinks

Mod. L.16

For temporary storage and liquid waste contaminated with radioactive isotopes, inside of plastic drums of 11 liters capacity, in radioimmunology laboratories.
Manufactured with bearing steel tubular frame with side and rear steel sheet epoxy painted panels.

It is equipped with front hinged door with lock and symbol of radioactivity, worktop in stainless steel glaze finish, with raised edges and raised back edge and bowl of dimensions 250 x 250 mm.

Accessoried with water tap driven by pedal and knobs for water flow adjusting. Liquid waste system to plastic drum equipped with stop liquid waste flow device when drum is full.

Dimensions 700 x 700 mm x 900 h. approx.

Supplied with No. 10 plastic drums of 11 liters capacity, each one with cap and under cap and handling for carrying.

On request can be supplied with different features and dimensions, or manufactured entirely in stainless steel with glaze finish.

Mod. L.18

Similar to the Mod L.16, but fully shielded with 2 mm of lead, for Nuclear Medicine Laboratories.