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Shielded WC

Mod. W.01

To collect faeces and urine contaminated by radioactive isotopes in nuclear medicine departments or departments of radiometabolic therapy.
They are manufactured with an epoxy painted steel frame that support WC cup having its discharge outlet inside a plastic drum of 11 liters of capacity, housed inside a lead shielded well.

They are equipped with No. 4 wheels, No. 2 fixed and No. 2 pivoting type, steps to facilitate access, arm support and handle for easy WC handling.
To avoid any contamination, before the use it is advisable to cover the toilet board with a latex rubber disposable bag.

Supplied with 3 mm of lead shield for Nuclear Medicine Departments with 99m Tc, or with 50 mm of lead shield for radioiodine therapy Departments.

Dimensions Nuclear Medicine Model: 490 x 850 mm x 790 h. approx.

Dimensions Radiometabolic Therapy Model: 600 x 1080 mm x 980 h. approx.

On request can be equipped with container filling level indicator.