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Shielded safes

Mod. C.03

For the storage of radiopharmaceuticals, radionuclides or small radioactive sources.
Manufactured with Lead sheets of first quality (99.9% of purity) and first merge between steel sheets painted with epoxy paints.

It is equipped with No. 3 drawers, each one with space of 40 x 100 mm x 70 h approx.
Hinged front door with lock and symbol of radioactivity.

Dimensions 340 x 230 mm x 250 h.approx.; fully shielded with 50 mm of lead.
On request safes can be manufactured safes with different features or other shield-lead.

They can be also manufactured entirely in stainless steel with glaze finish.

The multi drawers safes cabinet type, can be equipped with top in stainless steel with glaze finish, raised edges and raised back edge, using it as a manipulation bench.