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Angiography tables shielded screen

Angiography tables shielded screen

Mod. S.08

Suitable to be applied on radiological table for angiography purposes.

Manufactured with strips of shielded polyvinyl lead rubber, multilayer type, aluminum support frame with double-jointed.

Vinyl coated and tearproof edge.

Provides a rotation of 90° + 90°.

Each shielded screen is equipped with two additional interchangeable shielded guard of 170 mm of height and / or of 255 mm of height.

It may be fitted on both sides of the bed.

Dimensions: width 645 + 170 mm – height 900 + 255 or 170 mm.

Lead equivalence available: 0.5 mm.

Mod. S.09

Similar to the Mod. S.08, but with a single joint.
Provides a 90° rotation.