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Storing waste cabinets

Mod. A.10

Suitable for holding 60-liter metal drums of contaminated solids and liquids waste with radioactive isotopes.
Drums space according at the drums dimensions operated by company contracted to treat the waste.

Manufactured by a supporting steel bearing frame with steel sheet panels.
Each drum has a holding module equipped with drum trolley to extract completely the drum.
Each trolley has drum positioning plates, wheels, carrying handle and radioactivity symbol.
Painted with epoxy paints.

Fully shielded with lead 2 mm thick.

Available models:

  • Mod A 10 / 1 – 1 drum module, dimensions 540 x 600 mm x 920 h. approx;
  • Mod A 10 / 2 – 2 drums modules, dimensions 1060 x 600 mm x 920 h. approx;
  • Mod A 10 / 3 – 3 drums modules, dimensions 1570 mm x 600 x 920 h. approx.

On request the cabinets can be supplied with different lead shielding.
The cabinet top can also be equipped with a work surface, in stainless steel glaze finish, raised edges and a raised back edge for using as a work bench.
They can also be manufactured entirely in stainless steel with glaze finish.