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Storage facility

Mod. I.06

To storage and to decay of solid and liquid contaminated with radioactive isotopes, container manufactured with steel sheets and supported by steel frame.
Painted with epoxy paint and covered with plastic laminate panels, light color. Equipped with a symbol of radioactivity, No. 4 wheels, (No. 2 fixed and No. 2 pivoting type) and No. 3 higher hinged doors, with handle and lock, for container access.

Inside are housed No. 6 removable containers decontaminated stainless steel finish, size 240 mm x 600 h. approx. each one equipped with removable lid and handle.

On request can be supplied container having different storage capacity and different lead shielding.
They can also be manufactured entirely of stainless steel with glaze finish.


  • Overall dimensions mm 1100 x 700 x 850 h. approx;
  • Fully Shielded with l.2 mm of lead;
  • Total capacity of 160 liters approx.