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Automatic shielded doors

Suitable to close access to High Energy Bunker (Linear Accelerators, Cyclotrons, Gamma Rooms, PET, etc.)., Conventional Radiology, Cardiology, Surgery rooms, etc.

They are manufactured according customer needs in single door version or double, shielded or not.

The shield can be from a few millimeters of lead (conventional radiology, cardiology, surgery rooms, etc.) up to 100/150 mm lead, with tin layer from 1 up to 3 mm and 150/200 mm of Polyethylene (for linear accelerator, cyclotron, etc.).
The design takes into account the workload, weight, size, continuity of the shield (screen door), the handling system, security and signal system, as well as the possibility of manual operation in case of power failure or accident.
Depending on the workload, the weight or size in the handling system can be:

  • By electromechanical actuators or hydraulic system with clutch control;
  • By electric motor with adjustable clutch;
  • By hydraulic cylinder driven by hydraulic power unit.

Automatic doors are in compliant with CE European Rules.