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Ceiling shielded hanging screen

Mod. P.08

Eye and Thyroid Protection Device, normally used in Emodynamic Wards. It consists of an adjustable height-adjustable stand to be applied to the ceiling, or a wall-fixing plate, an articulated and counterbalance mobile arm, and an additional arm that leads to the lower end a variable tilting frame with shielded crystal Eq-Pb mm 2 and a polyvinyl plumper apron apron eq-Pb mm 0.5.

- The first mobile arm can rotate 180 ° on the wall model and 315 °

  On the ceiling model;

- The second articulated and counterbalanced arm can rotate 360 ​​° and can

  Move up and down 50 °;

- The crystal can rotate 360 ​​° and tilt + - 45 °.

Dimensions crystal mm 500 x 400 h.

Apron dimensions mm 510 x 350 h.

On request the guard can be equipped with:

- Ceiling slide guide;

- Extra arm electrified with lamp.