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Protections for patients

Mod. P.77 

Scrotal protections for patients, manufactured with lead plate 2 mm of thickness and shell shaped.

Supplied in kit of No. 4 pieces:

- For children from 0 up to 9 years,

- For children from 9 up to 12 years,

- For young people 12 up to 16 years,

- For adults over 16 years.

Painting with anti-allergy paint.

Each scrotal kit is embedded in polystyrene table container.

Mod. P.79 

Ovarian protections, for patients, made with flat lead plat of 1 mm of thickness.

Anti-allergy plastic coating.

Protection kit supplied in kit of No. 5 pieces:

- For baby from 0 up to 4 years,

- For little girl aged from 4 up to 8 years,

- For young girls aged from 8 up to 10 years,

- For girls from 10 up to 16 years,

- For women over 16 years.