Double protection aprons

Mod. G.67

Coat type, multi layer polyvinyl lead rubber for a full front and back protection.

Total front overlapping to double the protection.

Blue color lining nylon and tear proof edge.

Frontal closing with adjustable Velcro.

Modeled sizes.

Elastic waist band width type.

On request can be equipped with pocket.


SMALL: Chest 800/900 mm

MEDIA: Chest 900/1000 mm

LARGE: Chest 1100/1400 mm

Available lengths: 900 mm - 1000 mm - 1100 mm

Lead equivalence available:

- 0.125 + 0.125 mm (front) and 0.25 mm (rear)

- 0.175 + 0.175 mm (front) and 0.35 mm (rear)

- 0.25 + 0.25 mm (front) and 0.5 mm (rear)

Mod. G.69

Similar to Mod. G.67, but with lead-free shielding material.